Wacky Inventor’s Workshop

€ 40.00

‘All children are artists.

The problem is how to remain artists once they grow up.'

Pablo Picasso

Aimed at the young souls, or the young soul in you!

In this fun workshop we will unearth, (with clay) your inner funky artist. Like all things in life, a time with no rules is the best time of all! In this workshop you will have all the carefree time to create, experiment, play and bring out your inner wacky inventor!

This workshop gives all students, young and old, the basics of clay sculpture. You will learn that clay is a tactile, and versatile medium. You will explore shapes, textures and most importantly the ideas and designs that are brimming up inside you!

The Wacky Inventors Workshop is the first step in your introduction to the world of clay model making. Let’s sow your wild seeds and see what springs from your imagination, as Roald Dahl says, “there is no life I know to compare to pure imagination!”.

Boring Ts&Cs..

  • Booking options- join one of our scheduled workshops or book the studio for your family.
  • Group minimum of 4 friends/ family members/ any wacky creatures at all!
  • €40 for two hours of pure fun!
  • All our wacky friends will be fired by kiln, (don’t worry- they love the heat!) and will be ready for their new home 2 to 3 weeks after our workshop.
  • Teas, Coffees, Herbal Teas or Juices available throughout the workshop.


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