The Master Makers Workshop

€ 300.00

'To be an artist is to believe in life'.

Henry Moore

Take your first step into a world of colour with glaze.

This is the third step in your maker's journey, we will use the steps you have learned so far to create a piece connected to our own genius. Introducing you to the art of colour paint and journeying into the vast world of glaze. In this two day workshop we will take a journey of self expression delving into your artistic flair while working with clay and colour.

In this masters workshop you will use your new learned techniques by Mairead to create a clay pot from start to finish. This is a unique opportunity that will allow you to reach further into your creative side, having touched on self expression, you will apply this to your work to create something with meaning and depth.

This is an important step for all artists because what is art without meaning? But most importantly, what does your art mean to you? Come learn with the Master Makers Workshop.


Day 1

  • Design a piece that reflects your own purpose and passion. Reflect on the meaning of the momentos you have brought to the workshop, through different mediums, this may be through drawing, poetry or collages.
  • Explore the different textures for your chosen piece. You will have the opportunity to use nature as your muse should you feel so.
  • You will hand build your designed piece.

Day 2

  • You will experiment with colour on canvas, creating a profile of colour for your piece, brush strokes, sponging and layering techniques.
  • You will be taught techniques of waxes, oxides and glazes and from here you will apply this new found knowledge to your piece.

Boring Ts&Cs..

  • Booking options- join one of our scheduled workshops or book the studio for your family.
  • Minimum of 4 friends/ family members.
  • €300 per person for 2 days of making, designing and glazing.
  • All pieces will be fired by kiln and will be ready for their new home 2 to 3 weeks after our workshop.
  • Homemade lunch and refreshments available upon request, specified to dietary requirements.


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