The Eclectic Maker’s Workshop

€ 220.00

‘Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘what! You too? I thought I was the only one!’   

C.S Lewis

For people who want to share in the fun and mix things up.

There are no new ideas without new people. The idea behind this workshop is to bring together people from all corners of the county, (or further if you don’t mind the drive), to share ideas and create something truly unique. Ideas that could only form from an eclectic group of strangers wanting to create and help each other reach new depths of their artistic side.

This workshop is aimed at people who are open to sharing ideas with people who have a shared interest in making, creating and experimenting. You will get a chance to experiment in clay, to discover the artist inside, and to have some fun little adventures along the way.

This workshop is spread out over the course of 6 weeks, the same group will be present from each workshop from start to finish. The main idea is coming together to inspire ideas while remaining unique to yourself. There will be time to work, walk, wonder and maybe even make a new artist friend along the way.


Evening one: Here you will explore the different techniques that make you unique as an artist, you will experiment with textures, patterns and designs.

Evening two: We will undertake a field trip to one of the beautiful landscapes this gorgeous county has afforded us. Upon this we will create an eco print from the leaves, grasses or whatever other surprises you have found on your excursion.

Evening three: You will be tasked to bring a book, poem or a song that has inspired you. We will further explore the meaning behind your source of inspiration with group exercises.

Evening four : We will make our chosen inspirational piece from clay, pulling together all the ideas from the previous workshops.

Evening five: Here you will learn about the mesmerising choice of glazes and how to apply your chosen glaze to your piece.

(Don’t worry, I will make sure your piece is packed safely into the kiln ready for the unveil!)

Evening six: Time to unveil the work you have created at our Celebrate and Share Party and what could be more appropriate than sharing your favourite dishes!

Boring Ts&Cs..

  • €220 for 2hr class one evening over 6 weeks.
  • All pieces will be fired by kiln and will be collected on the final night at the Share and Celebrate Party.
  • Teas, Coffees and Herbal Teas available throughout the evening.


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